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What is the Proadjuster? 

The ProAdjuster system allows Dr. Holl to diagnose and record the resistance of the joints, muscles, and tissues to determine the cause of a patient’s discomfort. When in treatment mode, the ProAdjuster sends impulses to the treatment wand to realign vertebrae, release muscle tension and help the patient get relief from their symptoms.

The Pro-Adjuster locates and corrects the subluxations occurring in your spine. Correcting subluxations provides relief and eliminates these irritating or painful problems. The Pro-Adjuster accurately determines whether the vertebrae is out of position by applying a very light mechanical force to the spine.

Mechanical motion therapy is performed with ProSoft. ProSoft is for soft tissue pain, and is a gentle treatment that works quick and effectively. The ProSoft 360 is a computerized technology that tracks your progress and gives you in-time analysis of treatment.


The ProAdjuster360 is the most recent development in advanced chiropractic health care. Utilizing the latest computerized treatment technology, the ProAdjuster360 accurately analyzes and interprets joint motion, then delivers comfortable, precision adjustments based upon each patient's data. Following the treatment, improved joint motion changes are confirmed with post-treatment analysis. The use of before and after data during each encounter affords both doctor and patient complete confidence in the treatment and the management of the patient's individual care plan.

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