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Understanding Headaches and How A Chiropractor Can Help

If you suffer from headaches, there may be many different reasons why. Headaches are often a warning sign that there are problems somewhere else in the body.

At Complete Balance Chiropractic, we aim to locate the source of your headaches and treat the condition in a natural fashion. Before we discuss a chiropractic approach to headaches though, let's first discuss the different types of headaches.

What Are Some of the Common Types of Headaches?

Sinus Headache

A sinus headache is caused by ear infections or other issues with the sinuses.  Pain is usually felt in the cheekbones, forehead and bridge of the nose and is accompanied by nasal congestion or discharge.

Tension Headache

A common type of headache is a tension headache.  It is described as feeling like there is a tight band around the head.  While there are several contributors that can cause a tension headache, mot people report experiencing them during times of stress or worry in their lives.

Cluster Headache

A cluster headache is one of the more severe types of headaches, characterized by intense, burning pain.  Many sufferers experience problems with vision and hearing when suffering from a cluster headache.

Migraine Headache

It is believed that a migraine is caused by changes in the blood vessels of the brain.  The symptoms of a migraine include throbbing or pounding along with nausea, and sensitivity to light, sound and smell. 

Treating Headaches

Some people prefer a natural approach to pain relief. Dr. Holl's goal is to diagnose and treat the root cause of tension headaches. At Complete Balance Chiropractic, Dr. Holl provides a safe and effective treatment for conditions that are related problems with muscles, tension and nerves within the neck. 

There are seven cervical vertebrae in the spine. One or more of these vertebrae can become misaligned due to injury, excessive physical force or exertion, and sometimes even from stress. This misalignment is known as subluxation. Once a subluxation occurs, an irritation of the nerve roots in the neck can sometimes cause a constriction in some of the blood vessels that supply the brain. Subluxation commonly results in a tension headache.

At Complete Balance Chiropractic, as part of your diagnosis, Dr. Holl will perform a special examination that will include the following. If we determine that you're a good candidate for Chiropractic therapy, a treatment plan will be put together that will include a combination of in-office treatments, combined with special exercises that you can perform at home to maintain the results of treatment.

Chiropractic Treatment for Headaches.

One of the main methods used by Dr. Holl to treat tension headaches is chiropractic adjustment and manipulation. There are two ways of performing this treatment. 

1. Cervical Spine Manipulation - a high-velocity low amplitude adjustment technique

2. Cervical Spine Mobilization - a more gentle and less forceful adjustment technique

Some patients report an immediate improvement in their tension headache pain after their first treament. The reasoning behind this improvement is that once the tension with the neck and vertebrae has been relieved, the tension felt in a tension headache will also be relieved. 

Treatment at Home

Along with the treatments delivered by Dr. Holl, you can also take several steps at home to help prevent and reduce your headache symptoms, such as the following:

Use an ice pack or cold compress on your temples and forehead

Ice Pack
Ice Pack
Heating Pad​

Use a heating pad on your neck and shoulders​

Self Massage

Apply gentle massage to the back of your neck every hour or two to help loosen the muscles

Ergonomic Pillow

Take frequent rests and use an ergonomic pillow that will support the neck but prevent the head from being pushed forward during sleep,

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